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Tackling Stress

"I could physically feel the stress in my body and I wanted to do something about it."

Microsoft Life

Mathematical thinkers are key to our future - Microsoft Life

A report by the McKinsey Global Institute found that in the U.S. alone, by 2018, there will be 1.5 million jobs that require data analysis skills. As big data continues to grow,...


Making Time for Herself

Having a personal Arivale Coach helped Jessica set her goals in motion and stay on track.


Figuring Out What's Best for Her Body

In her time with Arivale, Patty naturally dropped ten pounds—without trying.


New Reasons to Bake, Not Taste, Cookie Dough

Kitchen safety alert: Arivale clinicians looked at the original research and coverage in the media.


Bringing You New Sleep and BMI Insights

Our research team doubled down on the numbers to discover and share sleep data to inform your wellness plan. They ended up conducting one of the largest peer-reviewed studies...


Fact or Folktale: Do Rainy Days Make Joints Ache?

Whether you have a medical diagnosis or simply feel a little creaky with shifts in climate, many of us associate rain with pain.


Staying Fit and Energetic

Paul joined Arivale wanting to have the energy to be present for his family after work.


Preschools teach kids (and parents) to eat right

Preschools teach kids (and parents) to eat right - Nutrition - Health and development At the Kent Child Development Center this spring, kids are starting a small community...

Big History Project - Khan Academy

Dmitri Mendeleev Biography

Building the Periodic Table of Elements

Big History Project - Khan Academy

The Vatican Observatory

At the Intersection of Faith and Science

Big History Project - Khan Academy

From Alchemy to Chemistry

The Origins of Today's Central Science

WAC Magazine

Rev It Up: New program optimizes executive wellness

Bringing a new wellness program to the top

Seattle Magazine

Are We Losing our Religion? Searching for Spirituality in Seattle

On Sunday morning, it's time for yoga church.At 8 Limbs Yoga Center in West Seattle, 35-55 students attend a class called bhakti yoga, described by owner and studio director...

Big History Project - Khan Academy

Marie Curie Biography

Chemistry, Physics & Radioactivity

Articles for teachers, university students and more

Education Highlights

WAC Magazine - MARCH | APRIL 2017

The Business of Show Business

Musical theatre can change our culture. It can mold our lives.


Music therapy motivates with melody

When Wendy Zieve visits Forrest Neander of North Seattle, she comes equipped with a bag of tricks: drums, xylophones, hoops, ribbons and more. During each session, Zieve, a...


A latte a day -- Coffee culture and its youngest consumers

A latte a day -- Coffee culture and its youngest consumers - Personal Stories For Kathy Wood, a Puyallup mom of three girls, a ritual unfolds during the hours of school drop-off...

Point B

Mobility in the Retail Space | Point B

With a smartphone in hand, todays consumers hold a global shopping mall in their pocket. Learn how to stay competitive in the digital era.